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rabbit welfare event Easter 2014 with support from the RWAF

A hutch is not enough, it simply isn't.

A rabbit being kept in a small hutch is never going to be a happy rabbit, rabbits doing "binky" jumps is one of the most heart warming sights you can see . It's their way of saying I'm a happy rabbit and I love to be alive. A binky jump is a sudden spontaneous leap and twist in the air and something that they could not do in a closed hutch. there are many other factors that this isn't suitable such as the rabbit not having the height to stand up and stretch, i recently had a visit from a lady who had adopted a lovely little lop who was disabled and on painkillers (met cam) and likely to remain on for life as he had previously been kept in a small hutch and had caused his spine to painfully curve. Then also there is the flies who are attracted and the rabbit has to sit an accept theses risking a Fly strike attack, where the flies lay their eggs in around the rabbits bottom and the eggs when hatched will start eating the rabbit inside-this is horrendously painful and likely to result in death unless detected in the very early stages.To put it bluntly, to keep a rabbit in a small hutch is cruel. rabbits were introduced to this country by the romans and were caught the day before and kept for the next days dinner in a small box which now resembles the typical rabbit hutch 

The Rabbit welfare association and fund are furiously campaigning for a better deal for domestic rabbits with they're " A hutch is not enough campaign " you can offer your support or download very useful information from their site on the following link 

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