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The Accommodation,

Spacious, Safe & Secure

luxury, spacious 5 star rabbit boarding accommodat

Celebunnies Rabbit Boarding offers luxury 5 star bunny boarding to the highest standards SPACIOUS infact the largest holiday housing in the whole of the uk, that is in excess of double the RWAF recommended sizes. All hutch can accomodate groups of rabbits and giant bunnies. Personally i would never shut a rabbit in any hutch i comfortably couldn't fit in myself.

24 hour care given to bunnies, no rabbits can board unless in full health and vacinations are up to date, 24 access to a rabbit savvy vet should we require. quiet garden off main road non smoking, clean and pet friendly


we have cctv cameras, motion sensor alarms, high fences and elecreic chicken rope is available quality locks and treated wood 

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