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Celebunnies Rabbit Boarding 5 star rabbit boarding

ACCOMMODATION, indoor and outdoor 

Hi, My name is Sarah Ann and i run Celebunnies 5 star bunny hotel, we are based in Surrey and i am extremely passionate about rabbits, i set up this luxury boarding accommodation with the view of the ideal setting where i would leave my bunnies, knowing they would not only be happy and have the spacious living area which they are used to but that they would receive the same love and care as i would. I set my standards exceptionally high and im still thriving to ensure we set up a bright future for rabbits tomorrow by promoting rabbit welfare and expelling the misconception of how they should be kept.

Firstly, SPACE which is safe and secure with shaded area and a place to hide, tunnels and toys and branches to chew and hay everywhere, all the time 80% of the diet should be Hay! 

Our boarding accommodation, is in excess of the recommended minimum sizes advised by the RWAF

5 STAR ACCOMMODATION Luxury Rabbity Hotel, Surrey

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Vacination Certicates are required for check in .... without .... no entry

I've personally inspected and gone over every single inch of each and every hutch and run, smoothed over every rough surface, fixing the wire to the doors tightly into the wood so no matter what it cant cause any injuries. I've run an underground wire mesh under all runs, and regularly treat the wood with an animal friendly protector. I've ensured every screw is fixed in place and nothing is badly drilled, have fitted all the doors with quality locks and reinforced hinges. 

Rest assured though that all the rabbits in my care are all treated the same way as I would my own. Each is respected for their own ways and I take time to get to know each rabbit on their terms. Some need more time to trust and accept me and others are far more confident and enjoy cuddles. Its important to keep bunnies from any unease stress and the run and hutch are joined internally so I don't need to pick them up and move them to a separate run, this works well as once the entrance of the hutch is opened your rabbit has access via ramp down into the run, giving her/her full control of choosing where to spend their time.

The runs are protected over night with electrical fencing but this is purely as an extra safety precaution as we securely lock and bolt the internal door to the runs at night time and double bolts on the main run door. The hutches are all fitted with night shutters so your rabbits get to enjoy their evening without being disturbed in anyway by anything going on out side including the weather. 

The rabbits get a dinner of fresh greens mixed herbs, kale, celery, broccoli with occasional carrot, and along with Snowdrops favoutite green PAK Chi every day. But, if your rabbit is used to having less frequently or more then I will stick to their own personal routines, 

Our Vegetaables & fresh Herbs                  Our Quality Meadow, Timothy & Rye Hays    our onsite grown Fresh forage

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