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Professional & Experienced Bunny Rabbit Bonding Service, Based in Surrey

call Sarah Ann MacRonald today for a friendly chat, for more information about our Bunny bonding service. 


Welcome to Celebunnies website here we start with a bit about our services, what we offer & just what it is which makes us the holiday hotel your rabbits themselves would pick


Celebunnies Rabbit boarding is a luxury 5 star holiday boarding resort, exclusively for rabbits, no small hutches, quality loving care from experienced rabbit owner. spacious, safe and secure ... Read more


Hi, my name is Sarah Ann and i run Celebunnies from my home and i love rabbits..... with a passion, ive 8 rescue buns of my own and i run a rabbit welfare forum which i set up to promote and educate in correct rabbit care needed for rabbits. I am totally comitted to helping until the common misconception, that rabbits are easy, low maintainace....

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Our Bunny Bonding service


All our luxury boarding accommodation is in excesss of the RWAF hutch standards and are designed with the comfort and safety of the rabbit as priority. We also understand the importance of security as bunnies will be bunnies and can comoprimise their own safety with instinctual behaviour  


All of the accommodation is protected with anti-dig skirts and electric fencing so your rabbits are kept safe and sound.  

The hutches are suitable for small to giant rabbits or bonded pairs and even larger groups of rabbits. They all have an exclusive entrance to their own run, which they can use all throughout the day and then they are locked away overnight.

The run space your bunny will get at Celebunnies will be between 9ft and 20ft, all the runs are walk-in. Each run has a small hideaway hut below, incase they wish to use it. All runs have access to the main hutch via a ramp.   

We provide tubes and tunnels, stepping stones, benches and anti-digging under mesh. Each of the runs are lovingly named in memory of beloved rabbits who went over the rainbow. 

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