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Our Recent interview with Bunnizine

Bunnizine online rabbit magazine

Let's say you were forced with a making a choice. Your spouse or your bunnies. Who do you choose? Asking this question to me is like asking if I want one dollar or a thousand dollars. There is no "choice". Bunnies always win. I'm not the only one to think this way but for me, the question is hypothetical. For Sarah Ann MacRonald, it was a real decision once her, now ex, husband decided to give her the ultimatum that it's either him or the bunnies. Since then, she has opened up a 5-star bunny hotel with amazing amenities to give the very best for your bunny. Thank you Sarah, for giving us an opportunity to speak with you about the ultimatum and about your hotel. I'll jump straight into the questions.

Hi Dustin, it's a pleasure, thank you for asking me. How many bunnies did you have at the time your ex-husband gave you the ultimatum? I feel its important to just be honest about the “ ultimatum” it wasn’t actually given to me as such and the paper made that part up, however what he did say to me on his way out was “see how far you and your f ing bunnies get without me”? he knew that the bunnies meant the world to me and was hoping without his finical support i would not be able to keep them and he would gain some satiation knowing it would hurt me. However had he given such a ridiculous demand then of course it wouldn’t be any hardship and the bunnies clearly would be staying put. Someone did once say to me would i ere ally split up my family ( we had 3 young children ) by putting my bunnies first? but thing is i don’t see it like that as for me, it isn’t 'It's me - or the bunny!' Woman chooses her rabbit over her husband (and no, it's not THAT sort of rabbit) | Daily Mail Onlineme would be choosing either way but to say you love someone yet demand they turn their back on their passion isn’t something in my opinion which would be setting a good example to my children as i aim try and teach them not to give in to bullies and to be proud of who they are and stand by it. A persons passion is almost the soul or the heart of that person, you can’t ask that of anyone as you lose what they lose and then where do you go as a couple ? Did he not like bunnies or was there another issue at hand that caused the ultimatum? He doesn’t care much for anything unless they somehow make him feel important and so I guess for a time he was happy to pay the vet bills so I would be happy but funny enough the bunnies didn’t like him very much, especially my Snowdrop, she was my heart and soul and everything bunny, sadly I lost her last month. She and I had a connection which I believe is just a once in a lifetime bond, we were similar in character and I used to instinctively know she needed me and used to even feel her pain. I’ve a tattoo her and sox. I, for one, applaud you. My passion for bunnies goes far beyond anything else. Have you been getting a lot of support since your decision was made? Actually up until I joined Facebook, I honestly believed I was a one

off and “normal” adults did not get obsessed over bunny rabbits ..... Even the idea is making me giggle as anything which doesn’t lead back somehow to bunnies is not normal. I joined a few Facebook groups where to be fair i learnt a hell of a lot but wasn’t happy with a lot of which really i can only describe as bullying within the groups which was disheartening as i am very passionate about promoting rabbit welfare but believe it needs to be presenting in a more inviting way, where people didn’t feel frightened to ask questions, after all i openly admit the only thing i probably knew at the beginning about rabbits was how to spell it. It was in one of theses group i made friends with a lady who I’m no longer in contact with but who i hold a lot of respect and admiration for , we both felt the same about this rabbit “snobbery” and id said how i wished i could run a group so it could be run differently and with her help Binkybun was set up soon however she never intended to remain as she was busy and already committed to other things, i ran the group alone for a while and when given the opportunity to merge with a similar group i was a member in i closed the binkybun down and moved the members, i won’t go into details as it's not important to me but it didn’t work out, it was only then i felt really bad how easily id given away all the effort we both put in to setting up binkybun and i at least owed it a shot to build it up once again and I’m so glad i did , of course i lost a lot of members as i didn’t want to assume it was ok to move them back and draw anyone into admin disputes but it wasn’t necessary as i had a few people who i met via rabbits who i now consider friends who encouraged me and supported me to start up binybun again and i don’t care if it embarrasses them as I’ve never actually said thank you to any them and id like to let them know it wasn’t un noted .... Catherine Lea who’s been Admin for over a year now, Lorraine Phillips, Claire Abrahall, Barbara Antonetti and Barbara Purgurski, thank you for not letting me give up on the group and for helping make binkybun the group we have today. recently I’ve been through so much heart brake with my rabbits and the guys in the group have been so supportive and really been with me the whole way and id like to thank everyone you guys for that. I'd love to talk about the hotel. Let's begin at the start. What is the name of the hotel? Celebunnies Rabbit boarding , i think i was aiming for the resort i spent my honeymoon in where Micheal Jackson had his own private wing there - Atlantis - Bahamas bunny 5 star holiday boarding Can you tell us about the accommodations? its been referred to as disney land for rabbits which makes m laugh, i put in a lot of work to achieve the standards, all trail and error and not to a set plan, three factors were the main focus and that was space.. i used to love sitting on the gate to the field;d opposite my Nans house in Killkenny Ireland and watch the wild baby bunnies, jumping skipping and leaping all over the field as if they hadn’t a care in the world, its something i still love to do now. so i think all along trying to find the housing i had that scene to live up to. i choose walk in stye runs for the comfort of myself so i could spend time in with the bunnies. One of my favourite things i

do when rabbits board is to video them binkying and flopping and any bunny antics and post them so their owners if they choose can check in on them and see they are having the best time so they can enjoy their holiday without feeling guilty. each run has its own joint on housing which is owned exclusively by the guest for their entire stay and I’ve found it eliminates a lot of the stress from handling and they can be inside or outside at their will instead than at my convenience, I’ve a nickname for boarders who are new to Celebunnies which Yo-yos as they just can’t decide and hop up down up down for quite some time. i do close the runs off over night but they have up to 12ft housing so they never have to be confined to small space and as keeping stress down for bunnies is vital it spares them the extra handling of moving them around and the runs are set out very much planned so they are secluded from sight of any other boarders. all runs are skirted and i also protect with an electric fencing. we provide toys tunnels and a favourite treat — an apple or pear branch from our trees. hay are all of the highest quality and as standard will be three varieties which i watch very closely which are a hit with each of our boarders as a common issue owners often have is their bunnies not being great hay eaters. fresh organic herbs and greens are delivered and given daily, and as for cuddles and love, that alway available but I’m not the decision maker on the whens and wheres. true to say I’m not a bunny owner but I’m owned as many would say the same I’m sure sole properly of the rabbits. Is there an indoor hotel option? Are their special services customers can buy for their bunnies to enjoy like nail trimming, grooming, pampering or anything like that? yeah, its all included,nails grooming is all part of caring for them i always weigh them on arrival as it's so important to know if they lose weight incase theres a reason heath related for it so i would know a substantial drop whilst with me would be a definite vet trip as my boarding are i treat my boarders as i would my own rabbits and holding off on seeing a vet is an absolute no no.of course the owners are responsible for the vet bills on their return but i don’t change anything extra for taking them or administering meds or anything, my concern is making sure bunnies get the right treatment if necessary, fortunately ibe needed to seek vet treatment only 3 times all which without i wouldn’t like to say if we may have lost them without. i really enjoy the company of my guests and spend a lot of time with them, I’ve learnt so much since I’ve taken in guests and i find it fascinating how each one will leave me with something i didn’t know before. i along the boarding do other a bonding services, I’m very confident theses days but it's a long way from the first times i attempted to bond my own but i actually have adopted my own method of bonding and its based on the vibes from each rabbit and from me to them and the area around and i also don’t claim to bond rather than provide the environment and supervise the rabbits but ultimately i don’t believe you can actually bond rabbits, rabbits will bond under the right conditions if they choose to, as long as we know our place and they are boss it usually works out well.

What kind of food will they be receiving during their stay? mint , parsley, basil, dill, dandelions fresh brambles fruit tree branches fresh grass and fresh greens and the odd carrot , fresh meadow hay timothy hay and rye hays and at the end of summer a special treat of our homegrown vine leaves which they love. i ask owners to supply the pellets but otherwise its all included and meal times do give the best videos of boarders and I’ve a whole collection of rabbits muting each of items listed and its hilarious to watch. What have your customers been saying about Celebunnies? rather than speak on their behalf i have copied the reviews I’ve been left on my adverts page "Highly recommended, I wouldn't leave Topsy anywhere else. Thanks again Celebunnies." From Jane Rainer on 18/01/2015 5 "Can't thank you enough for everything, Sarah has a deep understanding of how to care for rabbits and I would highly recommend Celebunnies to anyone. Really a wonderful place for any bunny to stay. " From Rachel on 16/08/2014 4 "Our bunnies stayed at Celebunnies for a week and had a super time. Sarah really looked after our babies which made it far easier to go away and have peace of mind. Also it's reassuring that Sarah knows so much about rabbits, that she can spot if something doesn't seem right, which again allows peace of mind. Your bunnies will have a lovely time with Sarah and be very cared for. " From Sarah on 27/07/2014 5 "What a fantastic service, first time i've boarded my rabbit so was very nervous about the whole situation. We were put at ease right way when dropping him off from the knowledge and enthusiasm from Sarah, she really loves her rabbits. We had regular updates and pictures of Alfie enjoying himself. When we picked him, was really happy to see him looking so well and relaxed, he was really well looked after. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who has rabbits, such an amazing place and unbelievable care provided, like they were her own rabbits, thanks again Sarah, keep up the great work" From Darren on 28/06/2014 5 "Worth every single penny, the facilities are second to none but Sarah is a very knowledgable rabbit enthusiast and the passion she has towards rabbits and caring for them is incredible. I am so

grateful for all the advice and help and advice and now phone Sarah instead of my vet. Would highly recommend to anyone. " From Mary Scheniser on 21/03/2014 "This setup is great, well run, HUGE runs, expertly cared for like they are part of the family, over enthusiastic bunny owner with nothing but time and love for the bunnies. Its an amazing place! Your bunnies won't want to leave. :)" From Peter Foggon on 15/01/2014 5 "I recently left my rabbit Jill with Sarah for 3.5 weeks after some very recent dental work. Sarah not only looked after her basic needs, providing excellent food and accommodation, but also went the extra mile with regards to her health. She gave her lots of cuddles, gave her injections when necessary, took her back and forward to the vet and all the while kept me informed while I was away on holiday so I didn't worry about her. Thanks to Sarah's care, we arrived back to a happy and healthy bunny. I would wholeheartedly recommend Celebunnies x" From Leanne on 20/11/2013 5 "Our two Rabs, Toffee and Cupcake, stayed with Sarah for two weeks during August. If rabbits could talk, I am 100% sure that they would have refused to come home with me. Sarah really cares for each and every rabbit that lodges with her. She has an in-depth knowledge of rabbit welfare and a genuine love for those in her care. Our rabbits were returned to us in better condition than when they arrived at CelebBunnies. Nails clipped and coats groomed (Toffee loves to moult), I nearly didn't recognise them!! All this, coupled with a set up that allows for so much outdoor space for the rabbits to move around, means that I will never want or need to look anywhere else. Thank you Sarah, you are a superstar!!" From Gary Lester on 08/09/2013 "Excellent rabbit boarding...someone who knows bunnies and knows how to look after them properly. Would highly recommend this boarder to anyone looking for someone to trust with their beloved pet. Will definitely use again." From Sam Davies on 04/09/2013 5 "Chloe had another short stay with Sarah, continues to be a 5 star boarding. Sarah really cares about all the rabbits she looks after. We will not hesitate to use her facilities again" From Sharon on 03/09/2013

5 "The worst thing about going away, who will look after my bunny? I needn't have worried though, when I got to Celebunnies we received a warm welcome from Sarah, and the Bunny accommodation and play areas looked fantastic. Seeing how happy all the other bunnies were I felt much better about leaving Merlin. Of course I missed him, but I knew Sarah would care for him like he was one of her own. Merlin had a fab holiday, and next time he fancies a break he'll definitely be back. Thank you so much Sarah (Bunny Mummy) :)" From Nancy on 31/08/2013 5 "We left our rabbit for 10 days at Celebunnies, she had a great time. We were very impressed with the photos and videos Sarah posted of her, this helped us to feel more relaxed knowing she was being well cared for. Sarah is very passionate about all bunnies and you can guaranteed they will be well looked after. Booked in again for our next trip." From Sharon Wallington on 19/08/2013 "Muffin and Willow stayed with Sarah and I felt very comfortable leaving them, in the knowledge they would be well cared for and loved. they were very content and happy when we collected them and I will certainly use Sarah again." From Elaine on 19/08/2013 "I was really apprehensive about leaving Boo as I have never left her with anyone other than family before. I was really happy when I arrived with her at Celeb Bunnies. Sarah was so reassuring and understood my anxiety. She certainly knows her stuff and was happy to accommodate Boos every need. I was also even more reassured whilst away, to have regular updates and pictures/videos of Boo. I could see that Boo was really looked after and happy when I came to pick her up. With out a doubt I would use this facility again, couldnâ€TMt have been happier, Definitely a 5*Bunny Resort!" From Ishbel and Boo on 14/08/2013 5 "I think that Sarah hutches are big enough for any rabbits and big runs as well.Sarah was very helpful with my rabbit Fluffy was very happy when we brought him home. I would defiantly take fluffy here again and highly recommend it to anybody else." From Allison Mehrtens on 12/08/2013 "Honey spent two vacation with celebunnies..after a traumatic car ride she settled in. We felt a bit anxious to start with but need not have been. We received a picuture of Honey in her temp appartment [cage] looking chilled. Was fit healthy and happy when we collected her. Thank you will use you again on our next trip."

From debbie & naomi on 08/08/2013 5 "This has to be the most incredible set up for bunnies I've seen ever. That aside the standards were exceptionally high and my bunnies could not have been in better hands. Sarah was upfront, confident and very helpful to me even after bill & bow were back home. Rate five only as that is the highest. A winner." From Sue anklerow on 06/08/2013 "My bunny Muffin stayed at Celebunnies for a week and was well looked after, Sarah has a genuine passion for bunnies and that means that she spends quality time with them rather than just simply feeding and cleaning them. Muffin had a nice little holiday! " From Louise Jones on 19/07/2013 5 "So nice that we have finally found you to take care of our baby.he has never been as happy as he was this year, thanks Sarah for taking such super care of him and for giving us back our freedom to go away. We will see you again in February." From Rachel bautee on 19/07/2013 "I left our big bunny Dexter with Sarah for 2 weeks and I can honestly say he had is own little holiday, it was home from home for him, he now has an adoptive 2nd family. Sarah is so naturally caring and the bunnies well being is her main aim. Dexter is a house bunny as well as an outdoor bunny (depending on weather) and Sarah gets to know the bunnies and caters for all there individual needs and requirements. I will be using Celebunnies again in the future and would recommend Sarah 100%." From Ruth Waters on 23/06/2013 "Will be always happy to go away again, fitted in at short notice and was a very tidy home for rabbits and wonderful care I will recommend your bunny board to everyone. Thank you again OSHA " From OSHA on 21/06/2013 5 "Sean Nathaniel Pearce Clare A quick not to say thank you so so much for looking after the Boys (Fred & George) so well!! Lovely to come over and pick them up seeing them bouncing around all happy outside!! We'll be back soon for sure!! Thanks again Sean, Selma and The Boys!! x " From Sean Clare on 14/05/2013

5 "I left my rabbits here and I felt that they were really loved, Its a very welcoming environment. I felt relaxed on holiday that they were safe, warm, fed and played with. Iv boarded my rabbits before but iv never seen anything like this I actually felt guilty taking them home. I will definitely use again as very reasonable rates for the service given. Thanks very much" From lisa on 26/04/2013 5 "Beautiful set up and great care, sarah was very helpful and very much attention was given, I found out lots about my two. Thank you for the pictures and see you in August." From Mrs Anstel on 26/04/2013 "Julie Eastoe Your rabbit boarding looks amazing I love bunnies I have six of them . I live in Cambridge but if I lived in Surrey I would certainly bring my bunnies to you for there holidays good luck x Like · · 28 March at 23:23 " From Julie Easton on 24/04/2013 Is there anything you would like Bunnyzine readers to know about yourself or Celebunnies? Please feel free to check out my boarding page for any housing ideas, I’ve lots of videos showing all bunny antics, binkys and kisses and nomming and my favourite which makes me squeal out loud, bunnies washing their faces awwwwwwww. I’m part way through a rabbit welfare and behaviour diploma and if i can be of any help please pop over to my page or join us on binkybun i also have a tube channel UCtrI_kEqiBWq8RZoVGHDxNQ i will always enjoy meeting you and bunnies and welcome you to share your photos on the page anytime. much love Sarah xxx

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