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Want to find a mate to bond your excising rabbit with?

Bunny Rabbit Rehab 

This is the story that had me in floods of years nearly a year ago - this is Anna Thompsons ( FurryFriends ) I got In contact after seeing this and practically begged her to let me adopt him - she agreed but only on condition I would bond him with one of mine or return to her for another partner. Of course if shed asked me to bond him with an elephant id have agreed, I just so wanted to give him a happy life - so here is the story of my beautiful puppy rabbit Flynn!! 

This is Flynn - the rabbit I have been filling your news feed with the past few days as we eagerly awaited his arrival in rescue. Flynn's story is long, so let me start at the beginning.

Flynn was your typical pet shop bunny. He was seen as a cute baby and brought for the children. At first, he was the best thing the kids had seen, but as time went on, Flynn was roughly handled as the children were not shown how to treat a rabbit, and he was forgotten about. He went days without being fed, or given any attention.

These people moved house into a property where they were not allowed pets, so dumped Flynn on a friend - his second owner. In this home, Flynn was confined to a hutch in the garden and once again, Flynn was forgotten about. Once again he went without food, this time for week long periods. This person admitted to forgetting she had him. The second owner's friend grew concerned about Flynn's welfare and eventually persuaded her to bring him indoors. This time he only went days without food.

The second owner had a dog who mothered Flynn and the dog had at least two phantom pregnancies due to mothering the rabbit. The dog also guarded the people from Flynn which as you can imagine, was very scary for Flynn as the dog would stand over him and growl at the people to get away. As if this wasn't bad enough, the toddler in the home used to roughly handled Flynn and picked him up by the ears regularly.

The friends of the second owner begged us to help, which of course we agreed to. You may think Flynn is an older rabbit, perhaps 6+ just by looking at that skinny frame, poor condition and dull look in his eyes... well you would be wrong. This little boy is just two years old.

When the people left I had a good look over him. Not only is he skin and bone, but he is covered in running lice which was very uncomfortable for him. I held him close and told him everything was going to be ok now...

We are very lucky that Flynn hasn't gone into gut statis, and quite frankly how he hasn't is nothing short of a miracle. He wolfed down a big bowl of food and some hay. This little angel will be seen by our vet and we can do our best to bring him back to full health.

Once again, I am ashamed to be human. Flynn never asked to be born. He never asked to be passed around like an unwanted toy. All I can say now is that you are safe Flynn , and you will be for the rest of your days xx—

— withFlynnandhunni Celebunnies.

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