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Professional Bunny Bonding service

We offer a range of services for rabbits at Celebunnies 5 star rabbit boarding, we are passionate about all aspects of rabbit welfare, this includes educating on the correct standards of living for rabbits and why space is very important.

what we offer at our luxury rabbit hotel? 100% of our customers agreed they had confidence and piece of mind with there rabbits being cared for with us.

Space!! 9ft 12ft & 20ft walk in runs joint on to giant rabbit boarding hutches

Quality care, im passionate about all aspects of rabbit care & welfare & am studying a rabbit behaviour diploma & have run Binkybun education forum for over two years.

highest quality hays, fresh greens & herbs, body condition score & dietary advice, love of course and a promise that your bunnies will be as special & attended to whilst staying with us.

special needs bunnies, medicine inc intravenous & ongoing monitoring can always be catered for.

We offer a free of charge bunny bonding services when boarding at Celebunnies

We can assist in adoption of a rescue rabbbit who will be spayed vacinated & neutered prior to adoption.

Celebunnies luxury rabbit boarding hotel about us, based in Surrey the largest boarding accommodation for rabbits. 5 stars for this luxury pet service in Surrey 

All of the accommodation is protected with anti-dig skirts and electric fencing so your rabbits are kept safe and sound.  

The hutches are suitable for small to giant rabbits or bonded pairs and even larger groups of rabbits. They all have an exclusive entrance to their own run, which they can use all throughout the day and then they are locked away overnight.

The run space your bunny will get at Celebunnies will be between 9ft and 20ft, all the runs are walk-in. Each run has a small hideaway hut below, incase they wish to use it. All runs have access to the main hutch via a ramp.   

We provide tubes and tunnels, stepping stones, benches and anti-digging under mesh. Each of the runs are lovingly named in memory of beloved rabbits who went over the rainbow. 

I have vast knowledge of spotting any health issues which rabbits can encounter, such as GI stasis and knowing how to spot the signs of early dental disease. i can assure you your rabbits will be monitored very closely throughout their stay with us and you will receive regular updates for your piece of mind.

What if my rabbit was to become ill ?

What quality of hay would they be given ?

All our hutches are bigger than the recommeded minimum sizes set by the RSPCA and the RWAF

educating in rabbit welfare daily welfare and health on our own bunny forum binkybun

Our Promise and our Terms and Conditions for 5 star rabbit boarding 

Our Promise

At Celebunnies Rabbit Boarding, we promise to provide your rabbit with as much love and attention as we would give our own rabbits, we believe that rabbits, like all pets, should be treated with the same respect and care and attention as our children.  

Our Terms

All animals boarding with us must be in good health and ALL medical conditions discussed with us prior to us being able to board your pet. If we feel your pet is showing any signs of illness or injury we may refuse to accept your rabbit. We hope you understand this is for the benefit of your own bunnies and that of other boarders.

Rabbits must have an up to date vaccination against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) 

We will need to see proof in the form of a vaccination card signed by your vet, and may call them to confirm this. 

If your rabbit becomes ill during its stay with us, we will inform you immediately and consult our vet. If your rabbit then requires any medical attention from the vet, we will transport your rabbit to them for treatment. Whilst we do not charge for this particular service, you as the owner are obliged to meet any costs incurred for any treatment by the vet. Your pet will be registered and treated under your name and address. 

If you have bonded rabbits staying with us and we need to separate them due to an illness, we will charge you for the additional accommodation, we would require these charges to be settled in full upon collection of your rabbit(s) 

In the extremely unlikely event that your rabbit passes away whilst in our care, we will contact you immediately and follow your wishes.

We accept no liability in the unlikely event that your rabbit becomes ill or passes away whilst staying at Celebunnies. 

All rabbits are left entirely at owners risk.

We accept no liability for injury sustained by you whilst on our premises.


All payments must be made in full on the day of arrival. The daily rate includes the day your rabbit is brought to us and the day your rabbit leaves regardless of the time of day.

We do not ask for a deposit when you make your booking so all bookings are held in good faith. However, this does mean a hutch is reserved for you so please inform us asap if you need to cancel a booking. 

Celebunnies Rabbit Boarding has been designed and is run by myself, Sarah.

I'm a 34 year old mother of three children and 8 beloved rabbits, starting with gorgeous giant Papillon George and going all the way down to our newest rescue baby mini lop, Buttercup.

You can see all our bunnies on our GALLERY page

I've had a lifelong passion for animals and have had many pets over the years although I did not actually get my first bunny till after I had turned 30., That was five years ago and today I have 8 beautiful bunnies who through being totally besotted with realised that love was not enough to keep them fit healthy and happy and in fact this was not a quick and easy task…

At the moment I am studying a diploma in Rabbit welfare, physiology and behaviour. I admin on the Rabbit Network forum on Facebook, which is one of the largest rabbit welfare, care and advice group with nearly 1000 members worldwide.

I have also recently started a page called the Bunrectory which is going to list all welfare approved supplies for rabbit owners from hay to hutch and a very important one , rabbit savvy vets.

F.A.O the new bunny owner


rabbit boarding surrey

Id like to share with you my experience of becoming a new bunny owner.


I had grown up with animals, the family dog, 3 cats and had responsibility for my own hamsters, guinea pigs and a couple of gerbils. Then my own 3 cats when I moved out of home.

I was 30 years of age, married and had 3 children by the time I got my first rabbit, of course I knew what I taking on - it was like a larger version of a Hamster, just like all the rabbit accessories were just the same as the hamster one, just bigger.

As long as I made sure the fox didn't get to Rupert we had 4 -6 years to look forward to and after the initial spend on the hutch ect. The vaccinations and the neutering the rest was peanuts for rabbit mix and hay! A overgrown hamster ?!?? Who had an opinion, which he somehow silently made very clear, he craved company and was very choosy about who he gave it to and as the biggest of the rabbit cages feeling like a cosy little home for him- i appeared more like a lonely prison cell. Rupert died at just over a year not before a £600 emergency vet bill had been run up trying to save him and the collection of rabbits we attempted to bond him with failed who has required their own living accommodation and had their own very different opinions had grown to 6 rabbits who at least after a year of attempting to bond them all together had settled in to 3 bonded pairs one has been very lucky that our vet happened to be rabbit savvy by pure chance as I picked our vets on location managed to save him after a bonding wound had turned into an abscess on his leg and took nearly 9 months and 3 operations to finally beat it. Now at least things would settle down but the bulk of expense was behind us.

I realised my overgrown hamster was more like a silent small child but over the last five years I was about to discover Id seen nothing yet.... The very much misconceived concept that rabbits make an ideal pet for children to care for is absolutely absurd, there's a saying

"if you can't afford the vet, then don't get the pet"

and unless I'm behind on the pocket money subject rabbits should most defiantly not be the responsibly of a child, it's unfair to both of them, they can of course be involved,my children have always been part of animals life's but at the end of the day the welfare and responsibility lies here with me. I've learnt lesson after lesson since that first MISCONCEPTION about rabbits and no doubt there's still more to come.

Please don't assume what you think is right because to assume as I did made an ASS out of UME

Rupert in his year cost around £1600 I wonder if he had that price on purchase - would I have ever got him ? 

For me who knows !!!

For how many parents who give in to whims to keep them happy??

Easter Bunnies will make up around 50% of the rabbits in UK rescues each year

you are taking on a 10-12 year commitment which could end up costing you around £5000 - this is no whim, its the different between responsible or irresponsible! Xxxx

Sincerely yours,

Sarah MacRonald

Head Bunny Slave at Celebunnies Rabbit Boarding

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