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Bunny Bunny, professional and experianced, knowlegable and passionate


Celebunnies luxury 5 star rabbit boarding offers you the absolute best and most spacious boarding accommodation for your rabbits, i would never want to go away knowing any of my precious fur babies would be stuck in a small hutch or cage. we have a selection of the finest custom build enclosures all with exclusive access to their own walk in run. Whether you choose a giant bunny shed or a rabbit cabin , you are promised your rabbits will have all the space they deserve. I have many years of experience and are passionate about all aspects of rabbit care. I have qualifications in rabbit behaviour and assistant vet nursing. I can cater for disabled bunnies or those with any special needs and happy to administer any medication. I am also happy to advice on diet, weight management, grooming and handling.I also offer an experienced bunny 

indoor professional bunny bonding service.

Please note im more than happy to discuss any bonding enquires.


Rabbit Cabin ( on hard standing ground)

Bunny summer cabin ( heated and air 

conditioned )

20ft giant double walk in run, ensuite 8 ft hutch, on grass

I bought my two fluff babies separately. My boy Rory first then later my girl Eleanor. A little while after they were both neutered, I started giving them play dates in an attempt to bond them. I tried for quite a while but their relationship didn't improve. They began to fight and scrap which really worried me as I thought I would never be able to bond them. Even though all my efforts at helping them fall in love failed, I wasn't going to give up. I went searching online for someone with professional experience who could help me and my bunnies. I was so happy when I found Sarah at celeb rabbits, boarding and bonding. She was so knowledgeable,helpful and reassuring, and she agreed to take them in and work on bonding them. Sarah kept them for a week. Studying their personalities, even staying up with them through the night! I'm so relieved to be able to say, Eleanor and Rory have been best friends even since. All thanks to Sarah's know how and understanding of rabbit behaviour. Thank you Sarah I would recommend you and your services to anyone.

From Tammy on 27/05/2018

I recently left my rabbit Jill with Sarah for 3.5 weeks after some very recent dental work. Sarah not only looked after her basic needs, providing excellent food and accommodation, but also went the extra mile with regards to her health. She gave her lots of cuddles, gave her injections when necessary, took her back and forward to the vet and all the while kept me informed while I was away on holiday so I didn't worry about her. Thanks to Sarah's care, we arrived back to a happy and healthy bunny. I would wholeheartedly recommend Celebunnies x

From Leanne on 20/11/2013

Contact Us on 07850530022 to arrange a viewing or to enquire about our professional Bunny Bonding service 


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All our 5 star rabbit boarding accommodation is suitable for giant breeds of Rabbits and Groups

All our accommodation has joint on run areas and we have a choice of hard standing or grassed areas.

Celebunnies 5 star, luxury rabbit boarding hotel in Surrey

Celebunnies professional bunny bonding service

Passionate about Rabbits 

I've been passionate been rabbits for nearly ten years, admittedly knowing nothing about them and still amazed today how very unique and individual they all are. Understanding the basic needs for their diet, accommodation requirements and happiness is what you can be assured I'm completely committed and dedicated to all aspects of Rabbits welfare and requirements. 

i have a level 3 diploma in Rabbit health and behaviour and have completed an assistant vet nursing course. 

The Hotel

Rabbits were never meant to live in small closed hutches, they need space to move and to stretch and to be themselves. They are exceptionally clever and entertaining and are very social. They also are very delicate and do need a lot of care and attention. They are anything but easy to look after. 

Our Set up is the largest in the UK

Outdoor safe spacious and secure the build on runs up to 20ft all accommodation is suitable for giant bunnies and large groups.


 5 star luxury rabbit boarding

No hutches, secure and spacious bunny boarding hotel

We cater for Giant breeds and groups of rabbits 

Bunny Bonding Service

We offer a bunny bonding service which is tailor made to suit your rabbits.

New bondings, re bonds and group bonding

for all enquires call Sarah on 07850530022

Rabbit shop

Bunny gifts

Rabbit themed gifts available to buy, paintings and rabbit hutch plaques, bunny related products 


Celebunnies is a 5 star luxury boarding hotel in Surrey, exclusive bunny rabbit holiday boarding hotel, exclusive to Rabbits.

Celebunnies was set up in 2012 by Sarah Ann, slowly turning her home & garden to a Huge bunny rabbit paradise Sarah is extremely passionate about rabbits and also runs a rabbit welfare forum as well as studying for a diploma in Rabbit behaviour.

if asked how many rabbits does she own? her response will always be .... " i don't own any, but a few own me"

MORE SARAH ANN.... and why she is so devoted & passionate about promoting rabbit welfare & educating people on what a rabbit really is & how to actually care for them properly. read her reviews from previous guests & articles featured in the national press followed by her bunny setup which was in the ITV pet rescue show " Aufweisenpet"

Size matters

Rabbits need space, they were not build to be cramped in small hutches.

Its vital for them to be able to stretch out and to be able to leap up or to stand up ( periscoping) to get a wider view.


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